Sunday, October 25, 2015

Volume #10 Update #4

Sunday 10/25/15
10:30pm . . . Completion 65%
Writing 85% - Editing 71% - Formatting 20%

  I had the most frustrating afternoon. Nothing wanted to work for me. I was hoping to get the writing portion of this volume completed by midnight, but that's not happening.
  I'll get as close as I can as fast as I can and update at Midnight.

4:00pm . . . Completion 63%
Writing 85% - Editing 66% - Formatting 20%

  Heading into the final stretch on this one... I'll update whenever I take a breather. I struggled with some of the scenes in Chapter 2. The pace of the story really starts to take off in this volume, and Volume #11 will be the most exciting yet. Stay tuned... ;)
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