Saturday, October 24, 2015

Volume 10 Update #3

Saturday - 10/24/15
7:30am . . . *Completion 50%
Writing 60% - Editing 55% - Formatting 20%

  I kept meaning to update yesterday and then forgetting about it. The last 25% of each volume always goes the fastest for me. I'm really excited about the scene I'm about to start writing, so I expect that by 7pm, I'll have another 20% progress to report.
  I fully plan to have Fate Lock Volume 10 done by noon tomorrow. I'll be working through the night, and I'll update here every few hours. Wish me luck!

*As a guide to my completion percentages... The writing phase takes about 1/2 the total time I spend working on any given volume with editing and formatting taking up the other 1/2.
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