Monday, October 19, 2015

Volume 10 Progress Report

  I thought I might try something a bit new for Volume #10. . . We'll see how it goes.

Sunday - 10/18/15
12:15 pm . . . *Completion: 0%
Writing 0% - Editing 0% - Formatting 0%

  So, I spent the past four days formatting the paperback version of Book #1. That will be Volumes 1-6 compiled into a single book. The file's so big that it's making my computer slow and taking forever. (I have to get a new computer soon. Part of the reason the last two volumes went over schedule was due to my computer crashing repeatedly. ) It's probably going to take me another two weeks to finish it, so I'm going to put that on hold for now and start working on Volume 10.
  I'm at a place in the story that I MASSIVELY changed since I wrote the original version of the series, so for the first time since I started the serialization, I'm going in without a single scene written. Funnily enough, that should make the process a bit quicker. I write much faster than I rewrite.
  *As a guide to my completion percentages... The writing phase takes about 1/2 the total time I spend working on any given volume with editing and formatting taking up the other 1/2.

*          *          *

Monday - 10/19/15
12:24 pm . . . Completion: 10%
Writing 20% - Editing 0% - Formatting 0%

  I thought I'd be a bit further in by now, but the first chapter of Fate Lock Volume #10, which I might call "Lost Without You", took longer than anticipated. It's hard for me to start writing a scene if I'm not sure how the characters are going to react to a particular situation. I tend to sit, staring at a blank page, trying to work out what I'm going to write before I write it. I keep forgetting to remember that I write better when I'm completely clueless and winging it.
  What I thought would be the first three (separate) scenes of Volume 10 actually merged into one giant and LOOONNNGGGG scene that will take up at least the first 2 chapters.
  Technically, it's my damn book, so I can say where the scenes begin and end and cut them up however I feel like. But to me, it never feels like the scene is over until there's a time skip, usually accompanied by exposition... i.e. Four hours and four florist shops later, my mother finally decided that we had found enough flowers. 
  I just love the alliteration in that sentence. If you hadn't noticed, I really like alliteration.
  I'll try to update again during my next break ~3:00pm or so.

*          *          *

4:00pm . . . Completion 14%
Writing 27% - Editing 0% - Formatting 0%
  Just a quick progress update, and back to work I go. Let me know if you like these mini-updates, and I'll start doing them for each volume. The next scene should really fly, so I'm hoping to hit 50% on my writing completion before I run out of steam today.

*          *          *

7:30pm . . . Completion 19%
Writing 37% - Editing 0% - Formatting 0%

  I didn't quite hit my goal of 50%, but I managed to tack on another 10%, and now it's bedtime. I'll update again tomorrow. 

*          *          *
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