Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Volume 10 Progress Report #2

Tuesday - 10/20/15
7:30am . . . *Completion 20%
Writing 39% - Editing 0% - Formatting 0%

  I've hit a slowing point, and for me, that means it's time to start moving onto the next phase... Let me enumerate... :)
  I write longhand with pen and paper so that I can't go back and fiddle around/nit-pick with the story. There are only so many times you can change a word or reorganize a sentence when you're writing longhand. Eventually, the paper becomes completely illegible.
  I used to be very picky about paper quality, but over the past year, I've swung the other direction. High-quality, glossy paper doesn't absorb ink as efficiently as low-quality, porous paper. The higher quality the paper, the messier my hands look by the end of the day. For this same reason, I REFUSE to write with gel ink pens.
  While I'm not picky about paper quality, I am EXTREMELY picky about pen quality. I actually only use one type of pen, the Zebra BP F-301, and I have a lot of them.
  These pads are great. You can tear out half the pages without ruining the pad, and the pages you tear out will all still be glued together. It's fantastic.
  Another great thing about these 100 sheet writing pads, is that they are cheap, so I don't feel wasteful about only writing on the front side of the paper. I use the back-side to make notes about changes I want to make in Stage 2.
  Stage 2 is the typing phase.
  When Stage 1, the handwritten portion of my story, starts to slow down, I move on to Stage 2. Then back to 1, then back to 2, until I'm finished. Stage 3 doesn't generally begin until Stages 1 and 2 are complete, but that's not a hard and fast rule.
  I'll update again some time this afternoon. I have a couple things to do today other than writing, but I should still be able to get some good time in on the story. If I have time, I'll try to post the first paragraph or two of Volume 10 on the blog.

*          *          *

Tuesday - 10/20/15
12:00pm . . . *Completion 26%
Writing 39% - Editing 24% - Formatting 0%

  At my current rate, I should have Volume 10 up for sale by Friday, but I don't feel like it should take that long. That's my #1 problem though. I never think things will take as long as they actually do. I'm always looking at my BEST rate and thinking that I can work at that speed constantly. Obviously, that's not feasible.
  I cut six inches off my hair this morning when I got out of the shower. The scissors were there... My hair was there... and I was getting sick of all the tangles. So now it only comes to my waist. I might cut off even more so that it comes to my shoulder blades. I pretty much just wear it up all the time anyway. Any thoughts, internet?
  I REALLY need to dye it. I have 6" of brown showing above the blonde, but I sorta don't want to have to keep up with the blonde anymore either. I bought some dark blonde hair dye, and I'm going to try to fade the top part into the bottom part, so it can grow out ombre style.

*          *          *

Wednesday - 10/21/15
9:00pm . . . *Completion 31%
Writing 45% - Editing 31% - Formatting 0%

  So sleepy...
  I didn't get as much writing done today
as I wanted because I spent about half the day trying to find a replacement for my cover art program. It keeps making my computer crash, and every time that happens, I lose the progress on the image. It also takes several minutes to save the file, so I've been trying to find a balance between losing work and saving every few minutes... PAIN...
  I did get some new cover art completed while I was testing out every graphic design program on the internet. Some of the programs I found have some really interesting effects... This is the new frame image for Volume 6. What'd'ya think?

 *As a guide to my completion percentages... The writing phase takes about 1/2 the total time I spend working on any given volume with editing and formatting taking up the other 1/2.

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