Monday, October 26, 2015

And then everything went horribly wrong. . .

   I feel like screaming.

   So, I was having trouble with Chapter 2. I've been working on it off and on for the past three days. The pacing was wonked, and the whole scene felt rushed. I just couldn't get it right, so today I rewrote part of it. That seemed to be working, and then it just wasn't.
   Chapter 2 had to go. It just didn't make sense... and so did half of Chapter 1, and half of Chapter 3... 5,000 words in all that I'm going to have to completely rewrite. That's at least 5 hours worth of work, and that's at my best rate. It could easily take me twice that long.
   I wish I drank alcohol. If I were Kylie, I would be getting hammered right about now. If I were Riss, I would be punching someone... probably Gregory... I think I'll make Riss punch Gregory in Chapter 2 just to get my frustration out... (Kidding. Riss was already going to punch Gregory in Chapter 2... You'll see...)

   It was my own fault. I had this super exciting thing that I wanted to toss into Chapter 2, but it just didn't belong there. It was crowding out the real purpose of the scene. I might still use it later, though honestly, I think I've given the story enough plot twists that all my characters are walking around with permanent wedgies, so I'm gonna try to let this gem slip through the cracks. The story doesn't need it.

   Part of me wants to stay up all night and finish the damn thing, but I know me. If I try pulling an all-nighter, my hourly word count will tank. I won't actually finish it any faster than if I had just gotten 8 hours of sleep, and on top of that I'll catch a cold.

   Now for the good news. I am proud of me. While, yes, I am flipping frustrated, in the past a setback like this would have sent me into YouTube procrastination mode, and I wouldn't have written a thing for a week. Instead, I found the problem, hacked it out, and spent an hour creating a very detailed plan for how I'm going to make the new version of Chapters 1, 2, and 3 even better.

   I had to cut so much out that I'm not sure where my completion percentage is sitting anymore, but I'll update when I figure it out. I'll know for sure by tomorrow morning.

      I absolutely 100% have to be done by Wednesday, but I'm setting my exceptionally unrealistic completion deadline at 5pm tomorrow evening.
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