Sunday, April 3, 2011

Something Old, Something New

When I was 16 I desperately wanted to be a writer and a friend of a friend of my grandmother's had published 7 or so books. My grandmother started sending me autographed copies of this woman's work and though I was initially skeptical, they turned out to be amazing. My family took a trip to Kansas one summer and while we were there my grandmother took me and my new favorite author out to dinner. To be honest, it was 14 years ago and I don't remember a thing that we talked about. I do have a picture commemorating the event. (Why oh why did I ever think that skunk hairdo was cute?) At the time, most of her books had gone out of print and she wasn't publishing anymore. We kept in touch on AIM for a few years and at one point she let me read a draft of a screenplay she had written. (I cannot begin to tell you how giddy I was at that opportunity.)
A few days ago I was perusing the kindle store and discovered that she is writing again. She has two new books for sale. I snapped them up immediately and I am elated. I have the day off tomorrow and I will be spending the entire day in bed so I can gobble them both up. I can't wait to review her on Amazon.

Her name is S. K. Epperson. She has written some of the best novels I have ever read. Her most popular novel is Borderland and it's amazing. I think they file her under horror but she isn't just scary. Her novels are crosses between horrors, mysteries, and psychological thrillers. Borderland has just a touch of paranormal tossed in there too (the ghost of a woman who was murdered 200 years before).

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