Monday, June 27, 2011

Is This any Better?

Awhile back I posted a sample product description of my WIP, Out of the Shadows. Mostly people didn't like it so I've updated it. Let me know what you think.

In 2025 a genetically engineered super virus nearly destroyed the world.

In 3146 the government is still hunting the infected, but they have been lying to everyone. The 2R virus isn't deadly. It's something much more dangerous.

Lythian Kennett is good at staying in the shadows. She has lived under the government's nose for years without arousing suspicion, until one night she walks into the wrong bar. After accidentally exposing herself as an infected, Lythian must go on the run with her best friend and a complete stranger or face a punishment worse than death.

When her world starts to crumble, she realizes nothing is what it seems. As the secrets, lies, and betrayals threaten to overwhelm her, Lythian isn't sure who she can trust, and the person she trusts least of all is herself.

The first chapter of Out of the Shadows is available at Link below.

Chapter 1
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