Friday, January 4, 2013

Sense of Taste

   People always tell smokers, "Oh your sense of taste will be so much better!" "Don't you want to be able to taste your food?"
   Turns out, the answer is no. It is true that your sense of taste improves, but it isn't an improvement. I have been smoking since I was literally a child, and as a child I was a seriously picky eater. Turns out, I'm not less of a picky eater now, I just haven't been able to taste my food in 15 years. Everything tastes terrible. Cheetos and Coca-Cola were my two all time favorite foods and now I can't stand either of them. The only thing I've eaten in the past week that tasted good was the Mexican food I had two nights ago for dinner.
   I'm having Indian for dinner tonight and if it doesn't taste good, I swear I'll cry.

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